Build Employee Wellbeing ROI

Help employees to build a healthy routine to recharge the mind and body – with Yogaia for Business on-demand exercises for focus, energy, mental strength and drive.

To unleash the true potential of your people...

Let Work Flow – With Easy Mind & Body Practice On Demand

The routine is simple: breathe, move, rest, repeat. That's it.

Yogaia for Business helps you make that routine regular and wellbeing at work a habit – with exercises designed to build mental strength and increase physical energy, based on the latest research, insight from our experts and customer experiences from tens of thousands of happy Yogaia users.

Why? Because people make success happen.

Any company aiming high needs to make employees the priority: help them recharge batteries and tap into their true potential, creativity and ability to accomplish at work.

To help with that, Yogaia for Business offers easy mind-body exercises everyone can do at work, at home, in the park, on the bus stop, everywhere and anywhere on demand.

Unlock your team's productivity with Yogaia for Business – suitable for everyone, available in English and Finnish for only €1 / month / employee*

 * 12-month-subscription for min. 10 persons

More Energy

Guided short movement sessions help to relieve stiffness, restore energy and keep making progress.

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Wow, that was 10 minutes well spent! Cleared my mind and opened up muscle jams.

Deeper Focus

Research-based exercises for the mind and body keep you calm and focused at work. 

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When things get hectic, a mindful break with breathing is an effective way to relieve stress.

Better Sleep

Exercises that help to calm down before bed and find daily balance between activity and rest.

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Guided relaxation before bed has helped me to sleep better and feel rested in the morning.

After every exercise, my first thought is: why don't I do these more often? The exercises are short and easy to incorporate into your work day so there’s really no excuse. We offer Yogaia for business for the whole team because it’s well-suited for our beauty and wellness entrepreneurs whose work is physically demanding.

Krista Huhtala-Jenks I CEO, MAJ

Why Yogaia for Business?

User-Experience Based

Tens of thousands of individual users are reaping the benefits of daily Yogaia exercises – why not amplify the effect to benefit your business?

Proof of Impact

95% of our users report a positive impact from Yogaia’s daily wellbeing exercises, which extends to all areas of life, including work.

Built on Research

Our experts have chosen the most effective, yet fun, exercises based on research and their experience – we’ve already tested what works.

Keep Up Inspiration

We continuously add fresh exercises and always offer new ways to boost wellbeing that yield mental and physical benefits at and outside work.

Costs Turned Into ROI

At the end of the day, preventing health issues costs less than fixing damages so investing in employee wellbeing will pay off.

Tailored for Motivation

We tailor personal recommendations and hands-on tips to help each user fully benefit from the service and grow motivation to keep at it.