What's The Smallest Thing You Can Do Today To Boost Employee Wellbeing?

Give yourself and others a break with Yogaia Pause – help your team feel better every day with expert guidance and "no fuss, zero prep" wellbeing exercises online.

Designed for the Workday

Yogaia Pause offers 2-10-minute guided exercises that are an ideal way to start a meeting or give everyone a much-needed break during a workshop – no equipment, zero prep and suitable for every body and mind.

One Wellbeing 24/7

Perfect for work, but needed outside office hours just as well. We can't punch out our wellbeing so why not make sure your employees have access to self-care support when they need it the most.

Ongoing Support – For You and Your Team

We'll help you make short self-care moments part of every workday and activate all employees to take breaks that help them recharge. Yogaia Pause for businesses includes guidelines and coaching with specific and transparent reporting that'll help you focus on what matters for your employees.


of users report a positive impact on their wellbeing.*

*Yogaia User Wellbeing Survey 2019 / N=1146


improved mobility and less pain


increased activity


more energy and better mood


better sleep and recovery