A Research-Based Employee Wellbeing Tool For Less Stress, More Focus

Short 5-10 minute exercises for the body and mind that smoothly integrate into work days are a proven way to encourage employees to take breaks that help them recharge and flourish.

Everybody On Board

Low-threshold exercises, hands-on tips and continuous inspiration from Yogaia engage your employees and motivate even those who aren’t that into wellbeing activities. We make sure all users get the support they need to make the most out of the service.

Plug And Play

We support you in deploying the service every step of the way with advice, support material and guidelines for employees to create personal accounts through a single link. Our goal is to make the start as easy as possible for you!

Data-Based Insight

You’ll be able to view engagement rates and how your team uses the service via regular reports. With  an initial survey, we’ll map out the wellbeing needs of your team or organization, and follow up as needed to spot changes and evaluate impact. 

We secure the confidentiality and privacy of personal data.


of users report a positive impact on the wellbeing of the body and mind.*

*Yogaia Wellbeing Survey for Users 5-6/2019 / N=1146


feel improved mobility and less pain.


notice increased activity.


experience more energy and better mood.


describe enhanced sleep quality and recovery.