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Why Choose Employee Benefits That Promote Wellbeing (With a How-To Guide)

Here’s what employers need to know about employee benefits that support everyday wellbeing and work.

While most people won’t say ‘no’ to fun employee benefits like free trips and gourmet dinners, they aren’t what attracts top talent, nor are they the reason people stay in a company – or don’t. 

From a strategic perspective, the best employee benefits employers can offer are ones that support employee wellbeing and performance. 

That’s because helping employees feel happier and healthier and enjoy their day-to-day grind will boost employee engagement and lead to better performance and results.  

So, as with any strategic approach, when designing an employee benefits program, we suggest you start with why and ask:

❓What is your core purpose?

❓ What are your key objectives? 

❓ Which employee benefits truly drive those goals? 

To help employers design an employee benefits program that promotes wellbeing in a way that boosts performance at work, we put together a practical guide that’ll help you

  1. Define ‘the why’ for your employee benefits program. 
  2. Understand what kind of benefits best drive your goals. 
  3. Design a strategic employee benefits program built on wellbeing. 

Our guide to employee benefits features tools that you can use for reviewing and choosing employee benefits, including: 

✅ A framework for balancing the 4 pillars of wellbeing 

✅ A 7-dimensional tool for evaluating employee benefits

✅ A practical example for choosing benefits

✅ A checklist for final review

That’s the toolbox you need to go from a random selection of fun employee benefits (with zero impact on your business) to a strategic employee benefit program that is inextricably linked to daily work and routines and designed to make a difference. 

Grab the whole package or handpick the tools you need to design your employee benefits program – download the guide below and start building employee wellbeing! 

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