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Move to Boost Your Energy

When your brain turns into mush and your body gets stiff, light movement is a great way to restore energy (and avoid health issues). Read more and then – get moving!

Get up and move – just a little. Make a habit of taking regular breaks with physical activity – you’ll feel the benefits in your body and mental energy. 

We promise it'll help restore your energy during the work day and get rid of aches and glitches caused by static positions or repetitive motion. It only takes a few minutes to:

  1. Switch positions and movement patterns – regularly and several times a day. 
  2. Take short breaks (often): stretch your back, rotate your shoulders, squat, wiggle your toes. 

How to Move During the Work Day

You don’t have to run a marathon or do a sweaty HIIT session to recharge your body and mind – a brisk walk, a light jog or an easy bike ride will do the trick. 

Or if you prefer indoors, opt for a few dance moves or an easy stretching or mobility session with some strength work, as dynamic exercises relieve muscle stiffness better than passive stretching. 

Most importantly, move in a way that you enjoy and can easily incorporate into your daily life. 

Yogaia Pause
helps your whole team to stay on the move  – dozens of exercises that’ll help you reset and refresh every day, always at hand when you need it. Want to learn more?

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